Weather Patterns: the smell of red

Weather Patterns: the smell of red

June 1-21 2014
Glasshouse ARTLIFE LAB, Brooklyn, NYC
246 Union Ave, Brooklyn NY
opening reception June 1, 5-9 PM
(movement workshop June 1, 5-7pm)

A proposition: Co-compose weather

A technique: Weather Pattern

A process: Register the environmental conditions in a series of relational cross-currents.
Make felt how smell and colour co-compose. Enfold the participant in an active and moving ecology with the world, attuning to difference.

Weather Patterns: the Smell of Red proposes a counterpoint of movement, smell, taste and colour. The feedback loops between air currents and mist, spices and electronics, architectural and sculptural elements, stasis and interaction, amplify how movement and transformation are sensed. The work seeks to create the conditions for the exploration of those thresholds of experience where change is barely perceptible. It asks how the smell of red affects the event of time.