SymbioticA Symposium

JJ was invited to speak at SymbioticA, the Art and Science Collaborative Research Laboratory at the University of Western Australia, on June 21, 2013, as a part of a symposium on \”Agency in Movement\”  Her article on “Choreographic Arrhythmias” will be forthcoming in a special edition of journal Leonardo.

The symposium stems from an Australian Research Council project exploring the use of skeletal muscle tissue which is grown, stimulated and activated in a techno-scientific surrogate “body”. This moving twitching (semi) living material evokes, makes unease, and asks, in sensorial and theoretical means about issues of aliveness and agency. The project is concerned with onto-ethico-epistemological questions about life and the affect created through the phenomenon of movement.

Contemporary Art About Architecture

New volume out now from Ashgate. Includes a chapter on Dan Graham by JJ.
For more info: Contemporary Art about Architecture